We want you to generate revenue for your firm by outsourcing in the Same Time Zone.
Our people are friendly, reliable, efficient and entrepreneurial.  Our compensation plans include salary and bonuses and are based on achievement. U.S and local managers roll play with our outbound and inbound telemarketers so our teams learn faster.
Please listen to our people so you can understand why customers love to hire us.
U.S. managed, PERFOMANCE based telemarketing
Patrick has been successful in generating leads for over 20 years.
He sold his first firm for $60 million and specializes in C-level contact and high-tech teleAchievement.
Retargeting and Telemarketing
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About evanSales
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60% of tourism into Bolivia is from the U.S.We hire U.S. and Canadian citizens
  • Low cost trial offered new customers.
  • $7.90 per hour telemarketing.
  • American English-speaking Inbound or Outbound telemarketers
  • Same-Time-Zone telemarketers
  • Partnering and Lead Program
  • PERFORMANCE-based lead generation
#1 Facebook Retargeting Platform
Get more sales and conversions by retargeting lost customers on Facebook and the web
When visitors leave your web site without converting we serve your ads to them on Facebook.
  • Retarget your lost customers on Facebook
30% of U.S. ad impressions occur on Facebook
  • Track clicks and conversions
  • Discover new marketing channels
  • We respect your users
  • Retarget across the web, too
We serve your banners to lost customers in the best placements across Google, OpenX, and more.
Anna - Quality
Mariana - Managment
Mathew - Customer Service
Mark - Design
Joey - Sales
Joseph S - CEO South America
Patrick Evans - CEO USA
We have developed a reputation as leaders in retarget marketing.
Stop wasting your money and start optimizing your online campaigns with Cost Per Click (CPC) for increased ROI.
Our platform guarantees your ads are seen.